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  • Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minoritized Students Awards
    Landon Bradshaw (Class of 2023) and Elena Singer-Freeman (Class of 2025) recently attended ABRCMS (Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minoritized Students) in Anaheim, California and were awarded honors for their poster and oral presentation, respectively. Both BMB students perform research in the Currie Lab at Wake Downtown, although Elena presented work from her summer research […]
  • Science to the rescue
    Chemistry professor teaches students to fact-check claims in their news feeds By Alicia RobertsMay 26, 2022 Since a steady stream of social media claims can convince an unwary audience that just about anything is true, Wake Forest chemistry professor Patricia Dos Santos has a new goal for her Biochemistry II students: Use solid science to support or refute […]
  • BMB 2020 Senior Celebration
    The Wake Forest University Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Program held its 2020 Senior Celebration online with lots of great presentations from our graduating senior class. See the summary PDF Document below: Senior Research Day BMB 2020 Senior Research Day 2020
  • Congratulations BMB Class of 2019
    A hearty congratulations to all the 2019 graduates of the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology program. The Faculty are proud of your accolades and accomplishments!   pictured: (front-row) Conner Song, Keyang Yu, Carrie (Chennan) Zhang, Sherry (Shiyu) Wang. (second-row) Anuj Jailwala, Alex (Alexandra) Monetti, Paula Patel, Rujika Khot, Lucy Peterson, Sam (Samantha) Schoenl Third Row: Eileen […]
  • Wake Downtown
    If you crave a complete change of scenery from the Quad’s Georgian architecture, grab your scientific calculator and safety goggles and hop on a shuttle bound for Wake Downtown — an extension of our campus in Wake Forest Innovation Quarter. Innovation on Tradition– To learn more, click the “Wake Downtown” link below. Wake Downtown
  • Congratulations Graduates 2018!
    A big congratulations to our inaugural class of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Majors.  We wish you the greatest success! Go Deacs! Pictured: (back row left to right) Jack Evans, Elizabeth Sarkel, Jorge Dabdoub, Brett DerGarabedian, James Falese, Davis Brock (front row) Ike Osuorah, Will Moore
  • Biochemistry and Mentoring Grant
    The National Science Foundation recently awarded a $680,000 grant to Wake Forest University Associate Professor of Chemistry Patricia Dos Santos. In addition to funding research that helps scientists better understand life on earth, the grant also enables her to mentor students from other Triad-area colleges. Wake Forest News Service To learn more, click the link […]
  • Molecular Systems Grant
    The National Science Foundation awarded $900,000 to an interdisciplinary group led by Dr. Gloria Muday examining how hormones affect growth and development of the roots of Arabidopsis thaliana, which is a genetic model used to provide insight into other plants. To learn more, follow the link below. $900K NSF grant helps WFU researchers look for the big picture […]
  • Comstock-Ferguson, Outreach: Kitchen Chemistry!
    The basic principles of chemistry can be learned using everyday items you can find in the kitchen. Dancing popcorn, a jelly bean taste-test, and a colorful lemon volcano are part of the fun and the curriculum for Comstock-Ferguson’s advanced chemistry class community outreach project. It’s very different from other courses offered by the Chemistry Department. It’s […]
  • Ke Zhang: Epigenetics Research Provides Clinical Insight
    The epigenome is the software of Life. All the cells in your body contain the same hardware, or DNA sequence. We’re different because we contain different transcriptional programs, or epigenomes. Different software will program the same hardware into a different thing. Dr. Zhang’s research on Epigenetics and the Epigenome provides interesting insights into clinical research. […]
  • Expert File: Rebecca Alexander
    The Expert File– Rebecca Alexander Director of Academic Planning, Wake Downtown & Professor, Department of Chemistry | Wake Forest University Winston-Salem, NC, UNITED STATES Alexander combines scientific expertise and creativity to apply science across the curriculum.
  • Dos Santos Featured in Wake Forest Magazine
    Patricia Dos Santos, Professor of Chemistry and BMB was recently a featured Faculty member in “Breakthroughs” in Wake Forest Magazine. Patricia Dos Santos is the Director of Graduate Studies in the Chemistry department. She received the University’s Award for Excellence in Research in 2013. We are experiencing a very exciting moment in microbial biochemistry. The […]
  • Expert File: Gloria Muday
    Gloria Muday Coordinator of the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Major Director, Center for Molecular Signaling and Professor of Biology Wake Forest University Winston-Salem, NC, UNITED STATES Muday pursues research on how plant hormones modulate root development.
  • Sarkel Named Goldwater Scholar
    BMB major, Elizabeth Sarkel was named Goldwater Scholar!  Congratulations Elizabeth! Elizabeth Sarkel named 2017 Goldwater Scholar
  • Classes Begin at Wake Downtown!
    The start of classes marks a historic moment in the life of the University where for the first time medical school and undergraduate student education will occur together under one roof, enhancing closer collaboration and deeper engagement for students and faculty alike. Read More Below! Classes begin at Wake Downtown, Wake Forest’s urban campus
  • Featured in Wake Forest Magazine
    A feature article in Wake Forest Magazine written by Carol L. Hanner describes the genesis of Wake Downtown and the people behind this landmark effort of the University. Wake Forest’s New Frontier — Part 1
  • Welcome!
    Welcome to the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Major Website This interdisciplinary major, jointly offered by the Departments of Biology and Chemistry, provides a strong foundation in biological chemistry and molecular biology, and related topics at the interface of these two disciplines. The major is designed to build conceptual understanding and practical and critical thinking skills […]