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BMB 2020 Senior Celebration

The Wake Forest University Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Program held its 2020 Senior Celebration online with lots of great presentations from our graduating senior class.

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Biochemistry and Mentoring Grant

The National Science Foundation recently awarded a $680,000 grant to Wake Forest University Associate Professor of Chemistry Patricia Dos Santos. In addition to funding research that helps ...

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Molecular Systems Grant

The National Science Foundation awarded $900,000 to an interdisciplinary group led by Dr. Gloria Muday examining how hormones affect growth and development of the roots of Arabidopsis ...

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Comstock-Ferguson, Outreach: Kitchen Chemistry!

The basic principles of chemistry can be learned using everyday items you can find in the kitchen. Dancing popcorn, a jelly bean taste-test, and a colorful lemon volcano are part of the fun and ...

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Ke Zhang: Epigenetics Research Provides Clinical Insight

Dr. Ke Zhang

Ke Zhang, Biology professor and BMB faculty member

The epigenome is the software of Life. All the cells in your body contain the same hardware, or DNA sequence. We’re different because we ...

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