Congratulations BMB Class of 2019

A hearty congratulations to all the 2019 graduates of the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology program. The Faculty are proud of your accolades and accomplishments!

pictured: (front-row) Conner Song, Keyang Yu, Carrie (Chennan) Zhang, Sherry (Shiyu) Wang.

(second-row) Anuj Jailwala, Alex (Alexandra) Monetti, Paula Patel, Rujika Khot, Lucy Peterson, Sam (Samantha) Schoenl

Third Row: Eileen (Jiayi) Zhang, Chloe Borden, Gina (Siqi) Li

Back Row: Miles Murphy, Jason Kreinces, Parker Sullivan, Matthew O’Brien, Meighen Mei 

Not shown:  Kiki (Angeliki) Lourdas 

Wake Downtown

If you crave a complete change of scenery from the Quad’s Georgian architecture, grab your scientific calculator and safety goggles and hop on a shuttle bound for Wake Downtown — an extension of our campus in Wake Forest Innovation Quarter.

Innovation on Tradition– To learn more, click the “Wake Downtown” link below.

Wake Downtown

Comstock-Ferguson, Outreach: Kitchen Chemistry!

The basic principles of chemistry can be learned using everyday items you can find in the kitchen. Dancing popcorn, a jelly bean taste-test, and a colorful lemon volcano are part of the fun and the curriculum for Comstock-Ferguson’s advanced chemistry class community outreach project.

It’s very different from other courses offered by the Chemistry Department. It’s cool to learn about food science. I enjoy cooking but learning the science behind cooking is different than just following the directions.

Karliegh Smith, WFU Chemistry Student

To learn more:

Wake Forest News Service: “Out of the classroom into the Kitchen”

Winston Salem Chronicle: “WFU chemistry majors teach students science basics”

Lindsay Comstock and students pose
Lindsay Comstock-Ferguson (center), Chemistry Professor and BMB Faculty member, leads an outreach team of WFU students who promote the idea that science and chemistry can be fun, and exciting!